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Fatherís Day Ideas for Younger Kids

In a few weeks, Fatherís Day will be here. Your kids are probably trying to come up with unique ideas this year. To help them, here are some Fatherís Day ideas for younger kids.
  • Make a Fatherís Day card using construction paper, crayons and draw dad on the front with the words ďI Love You Dad!Ē Mom can also download the many coloring templates kids can use to glue on to construction boards to make larger 8-1/2x11 cards.  Download a template HERE
  • Kids can take their teddy bears and dress them up with a hat, tie, and glassesÖ.and place a Happy Fatherís Day sign for the bear to hold.
  • Kids can help you make a Fatherís Day breakfast for dad and present it to him either in bed or at the kitchen table.
  • Kids can help mom make gingerbread cookies and using piping to outline the facial features. It can then be glued to a piece of cardboard and the kids can decorate the cardboard with dadís favorite things!  Find a recipe HERE
  • The kids can present dad with a card containing a list of chores they will do for dad for a week.
  • They can also make a story book using construction paper, to tell about their dad and why he is so special!

Mom can bake dadís favorite cake and the kids can decorate it with dadís favorite sports games, such as baseballs, footballs, soccer, or basketball. Kids love to draw, paint and mold. Using some clay, they can make dad a handprint and sign their names on the palms. He would certainly love that! In fact, kids also love to build things, so why not build day a special kite (with the help of mom, of course), then the entire family can enjoy this wonderful present.  Find some great kite making instructions HERE

Fatherís Day ideas for younger kids can be achieved by asking them what they would like to make for dad; or perhaps buy for day. One thing though, he may not want any more ties! Make a Happy Fatherís Day Sign using construction paper, and hang it in the kitchen or living room area. Dad will be so happy to see how much effort his children have put into making his day a special one!




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